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12 months
15000 € / 14300 €

Project Location

Gulu is a small town in northern Uganda. The people of this district, belonging to the Acholi tribe, were the protagonists of about 20 years of guerrilla warfare caused by the rebel group of Joseph Kony. Like all guerrillas, this has brought with it the destruction of villages, insecurity and great poverty.

With the restoration of a certain situation of stability and peace, the population has re-established itself in its own villages. Gifted with good will, people immediately started working in the fields for self-sustaining

Project description

Given the context and the precarious financial conditions, there are very few families that can put among their priorities the school education of their children, who always remain numerous within the family nucleus. Children and young people undertake during the school holidays to do occasional jobs to meet the school fee, which, however low, can not be covered by their small earnings. We see, therefore, still the need to help children and young people acholi to have an adequate education by supporting them in the payment of school fees.

We strongly believe that these boys/ s are the future of Uganda for which it seems necessary as well as part of our charisma, help them to have adequate knowledge and skills to become leaders and to help build a better future for themselves and for their country. Families also make great sacrifices to contribute towards the cost that this education entails.

In addition to a purely academic education, we also wish to guarantee these young people a human formation that helps them to be honest, responsible and supportive. For this reason, the sister of the project personally follows these students in the different schools, helping not only in the payment of tuition fees and other material required by the school, but also by meeting the children personally several times a year.


  • To help young people who are willing but not economically self-sufficient to access a primary, secondary and technical education that allows them to become autonomous and protagonists of their future.
  • To Alleviate the economic difficulties of some families by supporting the education of their children.
  • To Collaborate in the creation of a society in which the values of honesty, responsibility and solidarity give a new face to the country


Direct: 35 primary school pupils, 25 secondary school students and 20 technical school students

Indirect: students' families and Ugandan society     




Referent sister for the project: Sr Lucia Comberlato

Project's costs

Primary school fees
€ 5,250.00
Secondary school fees
€ 4,375.00
Technical school fees
€ 4,000.00
Referent remuneration
€ 1,375.00
€ 15,000.00