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Congo RDC
12 months
8670 € / 2553 €

Project Location

The project is carried out in the towns of Isiro (capital of the province of Alto-Uelè, in the east of the country), in Butembo and in the capital Kinshasa.

In the Democratic Republic of Congo the majority of the population are young people and girls are the most numerous than boys. These young women are the category most exposed to the many ills of society because of their vulnerability. There are those who were born and raised in the eastern areas where armed clashes take place, and live in a constant precarious situation.

In this beautiful country, unfortunately, the gap between rich and poor continues to widen. Free primary schooling, so often promised, has never been implemented as it should have. Families face many challenges to survive and often children and adolescents are at risk of dropping out of school as it is not always possible to meet these costs. Our different communities feel the need to alleviate some of the suffering of the most disadvantaged families, giving some children the opportunity to go to school so that they can prepare for their future.

Project description

In this project we want to help children, adolescents and girls to complete their studies, and in particular:

  • 3 young girls at the University of Butembo, a town located in the east of the country in the province of Nord-Kivu. The insecurity that is felt in the surrounding villages forces its population to leave everything and take refuge in this city. Butembo in this period lived through the extreme atrocities of armed groups. This situation creates despair, isolation and banditry. We want to help some girls we know, coming from families that do not have the opportunity to let them continue their studies.
  • 3 girls at Isiro University. The population of Isiro has very limited access to various goods and services such as health care and education due to lack of financial means. People find it difficult to give children a higher education, because there are other essential needs to think about first.
  • 2 young people at the University of Kinshasa, 2 in high school and 6 in primary school. Education is a luxury for poor families, so children remain the most vulnerable.

We try to offer the university girls of Butembo, Kinshasa and Isiro an adequate space where they can live, even throughout the school year, and study to develop their intellectual skills to ensure good success. In addition to paying academic fees, this project will help them with other expenses, namely: food, coal, transportation, training, medical care, hygiene products, etc.


  • Helping children and girls in paying for primary, secondary and university studies
  • Give the opportunity to some university students to have a favorable place to continue their university studies.
  • Provide them with monthly meetings to complete their human and Christian formation.


Direct: 8 university students, 2 secondary school children and 6 primary school children

Indirect: families

Local contribution

Each student of the university will contribute through necessities such as beans, palm oil, flour and volunteer for small odd jobs.




Referent sisters of the project: Sr. Giovanna Valbusa project manager in Kinshasa,  Sr. Amelia Romo Márquez project manager in Isiro, Sr. Bernadette Idey project manager in Butembo

Project's costs

Tasse universitarie
€ 4,800.00
Secondary school fees
€ 560.00
Primary school fees
€ 1,350.00
€ 500.00
€ 60.00
School supplies
€ 100.00
Sessioni formative di recupero
€ 400.00
Transport charges
€ 200.00
Medicine e spese mediche
€ 100.00
Compenso tre sorelle referenti
€ 600.00
€ 8,670.00