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12 months
20584 € / 0 €

Project Location

The project is carried out on the outskirts of the city of Nampula, in the district of Mwahiviri Expanção, where the Comboni Sisters, in 2003, opened a house to welcome girls, adolescents and young orphans and/or in situations of risk: the Lar Elda. The Lar is their home since they have nowhere else to go.

They are orphaned girls or young people or with situations of hardship in the family due to alcoholism or parental illness, or abuse in the family. At the moment at the Lar live 60 girls and girls, who have found in here "their home": a safe place to live, affection, medical and school assistance.

In addition to those present in the lar, 2 others attend the school of Nacala, 4 attend the hotel institute of hospitality and tourism of Lumbo, 3 attend the school of agriculture of Mecuburi of the Comboni Sisters and return to the lar during the holidays, having nowhere else to go.

Project description

The girls arrive at Lar a with different levels of education and it is not uncommon for 15-year-old girls among them who have never had the opportunity to go to school and therefore can neither read nor write. Girls attend public school and in the Lar an increase in the level of school activities is taken care of by supplementing the gaps with additional hours of lessons that are given by volunteers.

Some girls are granted scholarships to attend the Nacla girls' school, other technical schools or other higher education courses. Some who have finished higher education will begin to attend university for further academic preparation.
In addition to normal activities, girls learn to manage small projects such as egg production from chickens, packaging food products (bread, jams, syrups) and small manual jobs (rosaries, bags, cards). Also in the lar they have a vegetable garden that serves for their nutrition and the girls themselves take care of it.
In the lar there are 2 night watchmen for the safety of the girls as in the city there are often assaults on houses to steal. There are also 2 ladies who take turns to stay with the girls at night. The biggest challenge for us is to try to support the expenses to accommodate all these girls both with food, with clothes, hygiene material, school supplies and maintenance and operation of the lar. We do not receive any help from the Government or Social Assistance.


  • Help Mozambican girls in human, spiritual, social and scholastic formation
  • Ensure essential foods such as flour, rice, pasta, bread, sugar, eggs, meat, fish and fruit that serve for good growth
  • Keep the structure in condition so that the girls live in a dignified and serene environment



Direct: 60 girls orphaned or from vulnerable situations

Indirect: families and society



Sister Contact person for the project: Sr. Francinete Ribeiro


Project's costs

€ 5,000.00
€ 334.00
€ 583.50
Energia elettrica
€ 500.00
Iscrizione e tasse universitarie
€ 2,000.00
Scuole superiori e corsi tecnici
€ 7,916.50
Benzina e riparazioni auto
€ 666.50
Materiale di igiene e pulizia
€ 583.50
Salario per due guardie notturne e due signore che dormono con le ragazze
€ 1,916.50
Compenso referente
€ 1,083.50
€ 20,584.00