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12 months
7467 € / 0 €

Project Location

The project is carried out in the northern region of Mozambique, in the province of Nampula. As Comboni Missionary Sisters one of our main objectives in this country is the formation of women and especially young women.

Unfortunately, in Mozambique, girls from rural areas who are the poorest often have to leave school because the family is unable to maintain their studies or send them to study in the city.

Project description

This project aims to give 20 girls the opportunity to continue their studies. We know the importance of studying and training young women who will be the future of the country. Without formation it is not possible to think of development in the life of peoples, especially without the formation of women, who are the pillars of the family and of society.

Together with the possibility of attending school, since the girls come from remote villages, we give them a safe place to live, a "Lar" where they can learn other complementary subjects (cooking, sewing, computer science) and above all have an integral human and moral formation.

The girls will study in the Girls' School of Nacala, (SFN), founded in 1998 on the initiative of the Comboni Missionary Sisters with a management contract between the Diocese of Nacala and the Ministry of Education and Education of Mozambique. The school was born as a response to the challenge of training future Mozambican women by giving them quality training so that they are protagonists of their future.

Ten girls will attend a technical course of administration and management lasting 3 years. This course will allow girls to have a higher diploma in accounting and management and thus give them the opportunity either to find a job in some business or public office or to have access to university.


  • Ensuring quality higher education for girls
  • Give them an integral formation


Direct: 20 girls

Indirect: families and society       





Referent sister for the project: Sr. Laura Malnati

Project's costs

School registrations and exam fees
€ 138.00
Expenses for Lar
€ 5,363.00
School supplies and uniforms
€ 1,226.00
Transport charges
€ 240.00
Referent remuneration
€ 500.00
€ 7,467.00