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ZAM 23 - DREAM 2

12 months
26455 € / 26045 €
ZAM 23 - DREAM 2

Project Location

The project is realized in two areas:

  1. In the suburbs of the capital of Zambia Lusaka, a poor and overpopulated neighborhood
  2. In the rural area of Mongu west province of Zambia

Project description

Project "Dream 2" is aimed at helping students/women from poor families to finish their university or college studies. They’re promising students who would never make their dreams come true without outside help. The project wants to support them by giving them the opportunity to attend the University, thus improving their future, that of their family and Zambian society.

The project presents the different dreams of young people to become someone in life, such as: Nurses, midwives, doctors, teachers, accountants, engineers, social workers, pharmacists, mechanics, lawyers, journalists, designers, etc. These are the young people we present with a great desire to improve their future. The project covers tuition, exams, stationery etc. Some of them need to be accommodated (accommodation and food) because they are far from their homes.


  • Allow 33 students/students to attend the University and obtain a diploma or a degree.
  • Improving their lives through education
  • Giving a promising future to some young people


Direct: 33 students/s from Lusaka and Mongu

Indirect: the families     





Referent sisters of the project: Sr. Paola Glira and Sr.Omaira Jimenez

Project's costs

University fees, exams and taxes
€ 22,447.00
€ 200.00
Accommodation and food
€ 1,351.00
Transport and communication
€ 997.00
Referent remuneration
€ 1,460.00
€ 26,455.00