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12 months
6406 € / 5356 €

Project Location

The project takes place in the area of Kaande, located 13 km from the town of Mongu in the western province of Zambia. Kaande is rural area, along the Zambezi River plain, surrounded by 7 villages of Mweeke, Itema, Siwa, Ilundu, Matiwe, Mawawa and Soopu. The Comboni Missionary Sisters have been present in this area of Kaande since 2007.

The distances are considerable and in addition the sandy area makes it difficult to move, you can visit the villages only with a 4x4 car. The problems of this area are many and the Comboni sisters are focusing in particular on prevention and medical assistance. Government clinics are not nearby and it is difficult for patients and patients to reach them. At the same time, there is a lack of a home medicine service for the care of both the elderly and children. Both these categories are most vulnerable to malnutrition very present in this area.

Moreover, the lack of work, training and the strong pressure of local culture, leads adolescents to promiscuity and consequently to the risk of infection of sexual diseases and HIV. Many young girls are mothers already at an early age with the various consequences that this entails, including malnutrition of children due to lack of food.

Project description

The project seeks to respond to these 3 main challenges with concrete actions:

  1. Training of 30 health promoters/ parasanitary personnel to assist the sick at home.  Once trained, the 30 health promoters will periodically go to the villages to train relatives and family members of the elderly and sick on how to monitor their health and offer first aid care. Also to limit the state of malnutrition of many families is given extra food.
  2. Workshops will be organized for teenagers to accompany them to discover their talents and develop their creativity. This will help them to better fit into the labor market and prevent marriages and early pregnancies
  3. Assistance and transport in case of emergency: Since government clinics are very distant often during emergencies patients cannot reach them. We offer transportation support and any medicines and food. 


  • Give basic training to 30 health promoters who help to train, follow and monitor nutrition of adults, the elderly and girls
  • Give training to 30 teenagers to develop their creativity, then through them, reach out to teenagers and give them an education
  • Train family members on how to care for seniors from 60 years and up
  • Improving the health of 50 malnourished children A
  • ssisting the sick with medicines, transporting for emergencies.


Direct: 30 health promoters, 1,000 adults, 400 elderly people, 50 malnourished children and 30 adolescents

Indirect: families and society      





Referent sister for the project: Sr. Sonia De Jesus Garcia

Project's costs

Daily workshops (stationery + food)
€ 1,613.00
Supplementary food for malnourished children
€ 968.00
Sick assistance (drugs, visits, glasses)
€ 1,935.00
Compensation for health promoters
€ 439.00
Transport charges
€ 807.00
Communication costs
€ 62.00
Referent remuneration
€ 582.00
€ 6,406.00