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12 months
15400 € / 11450 €

Dove si realizza

The school is located in the central region of Karamoja, in the district of Napak, located in northeastern Uganda and on the border with Kenya. People devote themselves more to pastoralism and a little to agriculture, but the irregularity of the rains means that crops are often lost. Climate change in this area has been detrimental as there is no alternative to water from the sky. Poverty is currently structural and endemic. Now there is some hope of improvement as the new road built by the Chinese, which connects Moroto with Soroti, facilitates communications and transport. In this context, the school has worked for more than fifty-five years effectively helping to spread the idea that school is a mandatory step for all forms of development and laying the foundations for access to a profession of many women who now, achieved this goal and freed from a life of poverty, support the idea of the right for women to a paid profession which is achieved only through education.There are many women who, thanks to the school,  have achieved a certain economic stability and care for the family by providing not only for the basic needs, but also for the education of children, thus laying the foundations for their future no longer tied only to land and livestock.

Project description

In 2023, the school received an enrollment of about 1,000 girls. The school asks 39 euros per quarter for those who sleep in school and 7 euros for daytime school, with the aim of providing economic education to girls from poor families. However, some parents fail to pay this amount because of poverty.This reality causes financial constraints to the school that make it difficult to pay the salaries of school workers such as cooks, caretakers and maintenance personnel. All non-teaching staff come from the local community and from poverty.



  • Ensure effective performance of all school activities
  • Provide affordable education by not requiring parents to pay high tuition fees
  • Motivate non-teaching staff to provide much needed services
  • Give education to all girls enrolled, without neglecting those who can not afford to pay because of poverty



Direct:  1,000 pupils, 22 teachers, 14 school workers

Indirect: families and society    





Referent sister for the project  Sr. Emma Wachira


Project's costs

Salari insegnanti
€ 13,443.00
Tasse scolastiche
€ 1,416.00
Spese amministrative
€ 541.00
€ 15,400.00