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Congo RDC
12 months
3400 € / 0 €

Project Location

Butembo is a city in the North Kivu area, located in the eastern part of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. This area is known for the trickle of killings and abuses by armed groups, which cause the massive movement of young people, girls, and boys to the city of Butembo.

The violent slaughters and kidnappings of the Kivu leaves the population in shock and in constant emotional stress and the first victims we are addressing with this project are children. The latter are sent away from the most dangerous area to find refuge in Butembo by relatives. They are children, boys, and girls who want to start their lives again by going back to school.

But the situation of separation and violence heard or seen, has marked them to the point that they cannot fit into an ordinary institution without a path that helps them to find a certain serenity to integrate. This project takes place in Butembo in a social centre and in a formal school of the Comboni Missionary sisters which includes the primary and secondary sections up to the eighth grade

Project description

The St. Daniel Comboni social center is the first point of reference to welcome children and young people who come from Kivu and help them reintegrate into the formal school system of primary and secondary school. In the community center the children follow a holistic program with various teachers including a clinical psychologist.

The program takes place in various phases: listening, group and individual work, psychological test, and personalized accompaniment. When children and young people recover their serenity and sufficient scholastic level, they are introduced to the primary or secondary school of San Daniele Comboni, where they live the phase of reintegration. The school is also attended by the children who come from the city of Butembo to give a sense of normality and integration into society.

During the month of the school summer holidays, the school remains open and offers in addition to a serene and safe place also practical courses to help especially the weakest group from 12 to 20 years, to continue the holistic training path and learn manual arts.

Five trainers follow them with the following activities: reading in local and French languages, poetry and computer music, masonry, cooking, hair styling, educational films and activities in the field of communications.


  • To carry out support activities for children who have suffered trauma
  • To support the school fees of some children who come from impoverished families
  • To support those who have finished their studies to learn some trades to integrate into society
  • To secure primary school property


Direct: 460 children of the primary school, children of the secondary school, and about 60 children and adolescents of the summer  camp. 

Indirect: families

Local contribution

Children from who come from families from the city of Butembo pay school fees Boys and girls from the Kivu area do small garden work on weekends or holidays and they are engaged in keeping the school compound clean. Each child at the summer camp will make a small contribution as a participation fee      





Referent sisters of the project: Sr. Liée Natingar and Sr. Bernadette Idey

Project's costs

School fees
€ 490.00
Psychological support
€ 462.00
Material for manual work
€ 231.00
Trainers compensation
€ 277.00
€ 46.00
Sentinel compensation
€ 222.00
Water and electricity
€ 102.00
Piano and musical instruments
€ 693.00
School supplies
€ 370.00
Teacher training
€ 129.00
Dynamic exercises
€ 138.00
€ 46.00
Referent remuneration
€ 194.00
€ 3,400.00