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RCA 20 - St. Pierre Nursery school

Central Africa Republic
12 months
5128 € / 1648 €
RCA 20 - St. Pierre Nursery school

Project Location

The project is carried out in Bagandou, a center located in the municipality of Moboma, prefecture of Lobaye, diocese of M'Baïki. Bagandou is immersed in the equatorial forest 130 km from the capital Bangui. The school was opened 5 years ago and the direction is entrusted to the Comboni Missionary Sisters.

This year we have 257 pupils distributed in five classes: two kindergarten classes and the first three primary school classes. The sister in charge and responsible for the project follows the activities of the school every day.

The inhabitants of Bagandou cultivate cassava tubers, peanuts, corn, yams, but not in large quantities because the cultivation is subsistence. During the rainy season there is a certain ease to find the products of the field, but during the dry season the population experiences 

lack of food. The region is isolated, in the middle of the forest, the roads and bridges are in a precarious state, so there is always the difficulty for the trade of local products.

The level of education in this region is low, teachers are few and their preparation is rather low. Through the school, we would like to help pupils to be promoters of a more active and responsible society, in fact there are very few literate people.


Project description

The present project aims to offer children the opportunity to have access to kindergarten and elementary school. The teaching material necessary for the development of children's learning will be purchased and the salaries of the 6 teachers will be supported.

In order to improve the quality of teaching offered, scholarships will be provided for the training of teachers in two pedagogical centers in the capital: "Santa Giovanna d'Arco" and "San Giovanni Paolo II".

In addition, the poorest students will be helped in the payment of school fees and all children will be guaranteed a snack of rice and sugar mid-morning 3 times a week.



  • Improving the level of education in the region
  • Give the children of the village the opportunity for literacy, ensuring an integral formation: moral, human and Christian that can allow them to become responsible and respectable people in society.
  • To train teachers so that the quality of teaching is better.
  • Open the fourth grade class at the end of the 2023 school year to give continuity to the training started.


Direct: 257 pupils of the S. Pierre school

Indirect: families and society


Local contribution

The families of the pupils pay the school fees and contribute a sum of 10,000 cfa (about 15 euros) for kindergarten, 11,500 cfa (about 17 euros) for the first grade, 12,500 cfa (about 19 euros) for the second and 14,000 cfa (about 21 euros) for the third. This participation will help to cover some ordinary expenses of the school.



Referent sister of the project: Sr. Carla Curti


Project's costs

Salario di 6 maestri
€ 3,265.00
Salario della direttrice
€ 1,829.00
€ 152.00
Materiale didattico
€ 152.00
Manutenzione dell’edificio scolastico
€ 274.00
Manutenzione del terreno della scuola
€ 152.00
Spese di comunicazione (telefono, internet)
€ 182.00
Scolarizzazione 7 bambini in difficoltà
€ 189.00
Formazione dei maestri
€ 762.00
€ 1,981.00
Contributo Locale
€ -3,810.00
€ 5,128.00