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24 months
22389 € / 21309 €

Project Location

The project is carried out in the Mangunde Health Center, located in the homonymous mission, in the Province of Sofala. Each year, the center aims to improve the quality of care for the more than 50,000 patients who are assisted in external consultations, the 1,500 HIV/AIDS patients, the 200 patients with other chronic diseases, and the 990 patients hospitalized internally due to various diseases (including maternity).

According to official data from the Ministry of Health, malaria is the leading cause of death in Mozambique, especially in children and sick people arriving at the health center. In the last year there have been many cases of severe anemia in children and adults due to the economic situation of families who have a very low income as they live only on subsistence agriculture. 
In addition, hypertension and epilepsy represent more than 12% of the total number of patients treated.

Project description

The economic situation in Mozambique is so critical that the government is unable to respond to the basic needs that the Health Sector presents to better assist the population suffering from various deadly diseases such as malaria, anemia, malnutrition, AIDS, tuberculosis and other chronic diseases. With the Covid19 pandemic, the situation has further worsened and the Ministry of Health is unable to provide any type of material and drugs for assistance nor equipment and reagents for the laboratory.

The Mangunde Health Centre is a regional health reference, and many poor and seriously ill patients arrive there, mostly from distant areas, in search of welcoming and dignified care. In the current context of the serious crisis that the country is going through, it is increasingly difficult to offer good health care to the population, and this only makes life increasingly fragile, causing a high risk of death even from diseases sufficiently controllable by drugs.

The Comboni Missionary Sisters residing in Mangunde, sensitive to the reality in question, do not want to remain indifferent to a disastrous social situation that is already endangering the lives of most families, as the hospitals in the region do not have medicines or material to treat the sick. The Mangunde Health Centre treats various acute and chronic illnesses on an outpatient and inpatient basis, but needs medicines and medical equipment, so we ask for your help.


  • Improve the lives of the population
  • Ensure quality health care for patients in need of care
  • Reduce malnutrition and infant mortality
  • Give special attention to pregnant women and during childbirth
  • Strengthen the quality of services provided to users and their families


Direct: 50,000 outpatients, 990 internal, 1,500 with HIV/SIDA, 200 chronically ill

Indirect: families and society



Referent sister for the project : Sr. Carla Vanessa Mora Agüero

Project's costs

Drugs and medical-surgical material
€ 8,956.00
€ 2,240.00
€ 5,030.00
Transport charges
€ 1,104.00
Hospital maintenance
€ 1,194.00
€ 448.00
Hygiene and cleaning products/linen
€ 1,790.00
Vehicle maintenance
€ 507.00
Referent remuneration
€ 1,120.00
€ 22,389.00