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KE 09- Reaching out with hope

12 months
4000 € / 4000 €
KE 09- Reaching out with hope

Project Location

The project is carried out in Kariobangi north and Korogocho. These are two informal settlements on the outskirts of Nairobi in Kenya. In particular, the Korogocho area borders the main dumping site in Nairobi making the area unhealthy and highly exposed to diseases in addition to poverty, especially children.


Project description


In this area several children are easily affected by cerebral infectious diseases leaving them disabled, many of those who manage to survive sometimes find it difficult to reach adulthood. Children often suffer because these diseases are not caught in time and, for this reason, often leave behind a long trail of more or less serious disabilities. To make everything more complicated there is the continuous lack of food. To try to help the situation we weekly help a group of vulnerable mothers with food, some of whom are living with HIV AIDS and in economical difficulty to provide and guarantee their children at least one meal a day. 

Some families in the most extreme situations are supported by paying the electricity bill, or the rent of a month to mitigate the severity of the situation. A social worker visits these families regularly to ensure the children's well-being and monitor the family situation.



  • Improve the situation of children with disabilities or illness through better nutrition.
  • Support the poorest families with basic necessities.


Direct: over 30 families with disabled children




Referent sister of the project: Sr. Lucrecia Tigüilá

Project's costs

Farina, riso e olio
€ 2,400.00
€ 600.00
Assistenza Famiglie Povere (bollette luce, affitto)
€ 800.00
Monitoraggio delle famiglie
€ 200.00
€ 4,000.00