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12 months
Women empowerment
13881 € / 8683 €

Project Location

Anse-à-Pitres is one of the four border crossings in Haiti and is considered the poorest and most neglected in the country. It has an area of 185 square km, of which only about 4.5 square km urban. The rest are considered as suburban and rural resorts. It has about 30,000 inhabitants taking into account neighborhoods and cities.

Because of the situation of violence, insecurity, kidnappings and crime, in large cities such as Port-au-Prince or Jacmel, there has recently been a great mobility of Haitians who want to cross the border and who at the moment have settled in this municipality. The trade of clothing used by the United States is the most important activity of the municipality, mainly with the neighboring municipalities of Thiote and Grand Gossier, and with the Dominican Republic across the border to Pedernales. The local economy is based on the felling of trees for the production of coal and the timber industry, as well as on the fishing industry for its proximity to the sea.

Agriculture is very weak due to the amount of stones existing on the ground and the insufficient irrigation system. You can still appreciate a small production of papayas, bananas and aubergines. There are also small itinerant businesses run mostly by women.

In terms of security, there are still present among the population illegal activities such as drug trafficking as a means of obtaining easy money, as well as the trafficking of women and children and the proliferation of prostitution houses. The situation of women is scandalous because it is considered a sexual object, defenseless neither by the State nor by its own family. There are cases of early pregnancies and it is considered normal that the man is polygamous without any consideration for the dignity of the woman.

Project description

Every woman has the right to a dignified life. Out of 100 households, 75 have a woman or a mother, be it mother, grandmother, aunt or some other relative; 96% of these combine the work of a trader with household chores. In communities there are problems of violence, mistreatment of women, abuse of boys and girls, problems of malnutrition, vulnerability in the physical health of families. Unfortunately, there is unemployment due to lack of jobs and opportunities.

Thanks to the commitment and sacrifice of mothers, families go forward, indeed, it is they who directly influence the education of their children, both in human values and in the Christian faith. The project consists in providing training workshops and human skills, Christian and valor, sales and marketing strategies in order to start the bakery "Nazareth" with 18 women in the city center of Anse à Pitres.

The training sessions will take place every Sunday for 3 months and will last about three hours; in addition to providing practical knowledge on bread production, there will be workshops on complementary topics such as: working together, women’s rights, business management and marketing. The 18 women of the group at the end of the course will have different tasks: 6 will be involved in the production of bread, 10 to its sale and two women will take care of the cleaning of the oven "Nazareth".


  • To offer a job opportunity to a group of vulnerable women in the preparation and sale of bread
  • To provide training workshops and human capacity, human, Christian and valor, sales and marketing strategies before starting the bakery "Nazareth"
  • To give the opportunity to 18 women to financially support their families through the preparation and sale of bread.


Direct: 18 women

Indirect: the families





Referent sister of the project: sr Rosa María del Socorro López Castañeda

Project's costs

Products for bread production: wheat flour, sugar, butter, yeast, eggs, etc
€ 2,420.00
Small tools
€ 346.00
Hygiene and cleaning products
€ 86.00
Water and gas
€ 173.00
Aprons and hats for bakers
€ 26.00
Compensation for 2 bakers for a month
€ 620.00
Compensation for cleaners for one year
€ 800.00
Compensation for 3 bakers for one year
€ 8,555.00
Referent remuneration
€ 855.00
€ 13,881.00