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12 months
Women empowerment
5939 € / 3439 €

Project Location

The project takes place in the municipality of Anse a Pitres in the southeast of the country on the border with the Dominican Republic. Here in Haiti, promoting the use of natural medicine is a very important task because people themselves are very used to it, especially older women because they have a great knowledge of it, since normal medical treatments with the relevant prescriptions are not available to people who need them.

Many sick people here from Anse a Pitres go to the medical clinic or hospital after making many sacrifices to pay for the visit. However, since they do not have the resources to buy the medicines prescribed by the doctor, they cannot do the prescribed treatment. The rural population has no health center.


Project description

The aim of the project is to launch a simple community health program and preparation of natural medicine and cleaning products for some vulnerable women with limited economic resources who want to give life to their family and the community around them. The women beneficiaries are about 150-165 women, from six different communities: La Saline, the Refugee Community, the Deported Camp of Pàkadò, the community of Bananas, that of Tête à l'eau and the same Municipality of Anse a Pitres.

These communities are located in the area near the border with the Dominican Republic. The families of the communities of La Saline are wives of fishermen, those of the Refugee Community and of Camp Pàkadô, are all displaced and deported from the Dominican Republic, while the communities of Bananas and Tête à l'eau are among the most distant from the country, are rather poor places, without roads or basic means of health or public services.In the communities there are problems of violence, mistreatment of women, mistreatment of boys and girls, problems of malnutrition, chronic diseases and a situation of vulnerability in the physical health of families. Unfortunately, there is unemployment due to lack of jobs and opportunities. Families live in a precarious and miserable situation where basic services are scarce or non-existent, such as electricity or drinking water in their homes.



As a first step of the project, the literacy schools created last year will be visited in order to subsequently prepare, train and train students for Community Health. Then they themselves will give the training to different groups of women in their respective communities.

In these training sessions (about twelve), different aspects of health will be addressed. 

Social aspect: the cause of the most common diseases in the community and analysis of the context and basic services

Biological aspect: basic knowledge of the anatomy and physiology of the human body apparatus

Clinical aspect: adequate knowledge of the signs and symptoms of some of the most common diseases in the community.

Therapeutic aspect: deepening the knowledge of the treatment of diseases through natural medicine and the preparation of medicines (syrups, soaps, ointments, medicinal wines and capsules)

Educational aspect: preparation for the training of other women and sale of products

At the end of the training some workshops will be held on topics necessary for the continuity of the project itself such as: rights and duties, gender equality, marketing etc.




  • Empowering a group of vulnerable women 
  • Reducing the impact of certain diseases through natural medicine



Direct beneficiaries: 150-165 women

Indirect: families and the community


Referent sister of the project: sr Rosa María del Socorro López Castañeda


Project's costs

Zucchero, alcool 96ºC, piante che si comprano al mercato
€ 121.00
Piccoli utensili
€ 52.00
Sostanze per la produzione di prodotti per la pulizia
€ 346.00
Acqua e gas
€ 173.00
Guanti, grembiuli, mascherine e occhiali protettivi
€ 52.00
Compenso formatore
€ 2,600.00
€ 1,715.00
Compenso referente
€ 880.00
€ 5,939.00