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12 months
29897 € / 29797 €

Project Location

The project will be carried out in the Mother Earth Center of the Comboni Missionary Sisters, located in the rural area of Kaande. Mother Earth is an agricultural, social and ecological center that serves six villages in the area through a series of projects.

Kaande is located in the Mongu district of the western province of Zambia. This part of the country is one of the poorest regions of Zambia. Most of the population lives below the poverty line. In Kaande and surrounding areas, most people are subsistence farmers. Many alternate agriculture with logging and charcoal production to provide the necessary means for their families. The demand for wood and charcoal is very high, which has led to uncontrolled logging. | Mother Earth’s agricultural projects offer eco-alternative initiatives to help people mitigate the effects of climate change by facilitating agricultural techniques and income generation with the aim of improving livelihood options for the poorest.

Project description

Mother Earth collaborates with the local community to implement methods to mitigate the effects of climate change, environmental degradation and food insecurity. The collaboration takes place with sustainable agriculture programs and with social and educational projects that help the population to grow in awareness and to better manage their few and uncertain resources.

Agro-ecological conditions, which make farming-based livelihoods vulnerable to climate change, are one of the great challenges facing the local population. Sandy soils in this area are extremely poor and annual harvests are poor, making food security a major concern.

The pig breeding project comprises two closely related components:

  1. the renovation and construction of small facilities used for Mother Earth programs
  2. the implementation of the pig breeding programme.

Mother Earth currently needs to renovate a two-room staff house to be used as offices to provide additional space for services rendered to farmers and to install a half wall in the offices to ensure the necessary safety. At Mother Earth workshops and training courses on different skills are continuously held. The constant influx of farmers, men and women, for various agricultural, social and health programs requires the construction of a bath. The facilities will ensure the functioning of the Centre, including meetings and workshops. At the same time, the project will start the construction of seven pigeons, one in each village and a demonstration pigsty at Mother Earth.

Mother Earth already has a moringa project benefiting 65 families. The pig-breeding project seeks to provide another alternative source of income to families affiliated to Mother Earth by providing pigs and basic materials for breeding. This means that among this year’s agricultural training courses, people will receive skills in pig breeding and farm management. Pig farming has been tested by other farmers in the area and there are indications of its marketability.


The implementation of the project will consist in providing some of the basic materials for the construction of the pigsty, which will be carried out by the members of each village, who will also contribute with sand and poles.

For each village will be provided a pregnant female pig, vaccines, sprayers, pipes and a quantity of feed to start and maintain the standard of pigsty. Committee members will be responsible for maintenance. When the sow gives birth and the pigs have grown sufficiently, the farmers' committee of each village will be assisted in the planning and elaboration of the further development of the project. In addition, the project includes two training workshops on pig farming and resource management.


The main objective of the project is to provide farmers with an alternative source of income.

The project provides for:

  • The renovation of a two-room staff house for offices, the construction of a veranda to ensure the necessary safety and construction of a bathroom.
  • The construction of seven structures for pigs.
  • The organization of two workshops and training courses to provide farmers with skills on pig breeding and farm management.
  • Purchase of 7 pregnant pig females, vaccinations, tubes, sprayers and feed.
  • Hiring a woman and a man (part-time) as site supervisors.


Direct: 65 rural families from six different villages.

Indirect: Each household can have an average of 6 dependants, including children and the elderly, for an approximate total of about 400 beneficiaries.     




Referent sister for the project: Sr. Alice Masika Muyayalo

Project's costs

Renovation of offices and construction of bathrooms and verandas
€ 14,194.00
Construction of 7 pigsties
€ 7,871.00
Training workshops
€ 1,000.00
Purchase of 7 pregnant female pigs + vaccines and feed
€ 3,000.00
Subsidy for supervisory technicians
€ 929.00
Transport and communication
€ 516.00
Referent remuneration
€ 2,387.00
€ 29,897.00