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12 months
26004 € / 16729 €

Project Location

The project takes place in the San Daniele Comboni Social Centre founded to support the holistic formation of women, young people and children. The San Daniele Comboni Social Center (SDCSDC) is located south of the Kanyama area and is considered one of the poorest, most needy and even insecure areas of Lusaka. The project was born in 2016 and is managed by the Comboni Missionary Sisters. In this area there are many children who can not attend school because of the lack of financial stability at home. Some children have to work and spend time at the local market to earn little money that is not enough to support the family. Although many schools are government-run, children cannot afford to pay for school uniforms and books.This precarious educational situation leads many children to find refuge in drugs and alcohol to cope with frustration and depression. Girls also find a solution to their poverty by marrying at an early age or forced into prostitution,  which leads to early pregnancies. The low level of education in some schools leads to greater insecurity for children and families as a whole, as the two-hour lesson is not enough to learn to read and write correctly. There are many children who finish their academic training with a very low level of preparation and this creates difficulties in order to continue secondary school.We, Comboni Missionary Sisters we make a preferential option for the poor and the most disadvantaged also with our presence in this slum and through this social education project.

Project description


The St. Daniel Comboni Social Development Centre (SDCSDC) supports the holistic development of children and young people through socio-educational programs, in synergy with the local community and other organizations.This year we are also starting the project "Library of Lubuto", which offers children in the suburbs the opportunity to attend a library with books suitable for them and computer to start learning to use them. Children are encouraged to read and do small sketches on various current themes that involve them and to present them to other children in the suburbs in order to widen the circle and create more and more involvement.The library is organized in such a way as to encourage children to develop different skills in addition to reading. They will be introduced to computer skills and the exploration of new skills that will lead them to new ways of learning and developing. The space is well furnished to make it a welcoming place and conducive to learning, study and leisure.We carry out this project of the Lubuto Library in partnership with an association that has provided the structure and everything you need. For our part, we must provide for the payment of 3 new instructors, the management of the project and the safety of the premises. As this is an area of risk and insecurity, we must ensure the safety of children and the premises as well as premises and equipment.Through this project we would like to support the management of the Centre and in particular the management of the Lubuto Library, which aims to ensure a space conducive to study and awaken the taste for reading through recreational and recreational activities. In addition, we want to cover staff salaries and the installation of a security system and an electric gate to safeguard the physical integrity of every child attending the Centre and protect the new three buildings of Lubuto Library that will be for the use of children and containing a collection of books and laptops.

In addition to this, the project provides for the organization of summer camps for children and young people during school holidays. This activity promotes children’s creativity and inspires positive and supportive values and behavior.



  • Ensure a space conducive to study and awaken the taste for reading through recreational and recreational activities
  • Ensuring the safety of the Centro S. Daniele Comboni
  • Promote children’s creativity and socialization through summer camps


Direct: 80 children and 30 students from the surrounding areas

Indirect: all participants of the center and their families 


Referent Sister for the project Sr. Evaline Achila


Project's costs

Compenso 9 istruttori
€ 18,749.00
Workshop per insegnanti
€ 193.00
Trasporto, spese comunicazione e internet
€ 868.00
Organizzazione campo estivo
€ 774.00
Merenda per la ricreazione
€ 323.00
Installazione sistema di sicurezza
€ 4,258.00
Compenso referente
€ 839.00
€ 26,004.00