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12 months
Women empowerment
3105 € / 3105 €

Project Location and Context

The project takes place in Tabligbo, a town in Togo, located in the maritime region, 75 km north-east of Lomé. Tabligbo, capital of Yoto prefecture, has about 30,000 inhabitants. Tabligbo is composed of twenty-five districts. The population consists of a large number of sociolinguistic groups. The population consists of Ewe (majority), Adja, Kabye, Kotokoli, Nago, Hausa, Fulani and Zarma.

The population is heavily agricultural. All social strata are engaged in agriculture, which is mainly spread over the lands of peripheral districts. The products cultivated are mainly corn, cassava, palm oil, etc.

The Parish of the Holy Spirit, in Tabligbo, has 14 secondary stations, then there are villages where we go a few times and where there is no chapel so we celebrate in the school or under a tree.

Project Description

Girls in rural areas face problems of violence and one of the consequences, especially in the case of sexual violence, is early pregnancy. A phenomenon unfortunately growing: every year in Togo there are three thousand pregnancies of school age. This situation is due to poverty, lack of adequate sex education and the weight of tradition that persists in believing that a girl’s purpose is the service of a husband in the house. As a result, there is a high rate of single mothers, most of whom drop out of school and have no vocational training.

In this situation, these mothers suffer social and economic exclusion which plunges them into difficult situations such as prostitution, endangering their lives and that of their children. So the vicious circle of early pregnancies continues. We have seen this situation in some Tabligbo girls. The situation of these young people concerns us as Comboni Missionary Sisters, for this reason we want to organize an in-depth formation with the aim of offering them a framework for sharing their experiences, listening and learning activities generating income.

The project will take place during the long school holidays and will include: workshops on topics of personal development (such as self-control, anger management, children’s needs, healthy eating, alternatives to violent methods in education, etc.); practical workshops (hairdresser, sewing, piano, guitar, shoemaker, beads, batik, etc.); educational and professional orientation; granting aid for learning or entrepreneurship; and finally creation of circles of the Young Leaders of San Daniele Comboni.

The aim is to enable young girls, according to the needs and desires of each, to create their own means of subsistence. This project was developed to provide support for the socio-professional development of young people in general and girls in particular, living in Tabligbo and the surrounding villages.


  • Training 200 young people in the start-up and management of income-generating activities
  • Educating young people about reproductive health and HIV/AIDS.
  • Offer an apprenticeship in sewing, hairdressing, trade, shoemaker, embroidery/beads.

Local contribution

Each participant will be asked for a contribution to the training session worth 1500 XOF (about 2.50 euros)


Direct: 200 young people

Indirect: their children, families and the local community




Referent Sister for the project: Sr. Maureen Nambuusi

Project's costs

Materiale didattico
€ 500.00
Materiale per la formazione e atelier
€ 500.00
Salario 8 educatori e 6 formatori
€ 800.00
Spese di comunicazione
€ 50.00
Alloggio e cibo per educatori e formatori
€ 400.00
Trasporto per educatori e formatori
€ 155.00
€ 500.00
Compenso referente
€ 200.00
€ 3,105.00