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12 months
7138 € / 2938 €

Project Location

The project is carried out in the district of Kassai, in the small town of Sarh in southern Chad, in the Diocese of Sarh, on the border with the Central African Republic. The social and economic situation of this center is very poor, as the population is made up of simple peasants, women and girls represent the most vulnerable category. Since 2009, a boarding school (foyer) has been opened for girls, taking advantage of some unused areas of the community of the Comboni Sisters. The aim was to welcome and assist girls who come from the most remote rural areas and do not have any point of reference.

These girls are followed to improve their school level with remedial courses, and continue their studies at private high schools or the university where the quality of academic education is a little more advanced, keeping in mind the context. We wish to support these young women because they come from very remote areas and where women are not encouraged to pursue advanced academic studies.

Because of the context from which they come, many of the girls have a very low educational level and with large gaps that they try to fill with recovery classes. Alongside their education, they also receive a holistic human and Christian formation at the Foyer and learn many small practical arts useful for their lives (sewing, embroidery, cooking). Currently the foyer welcomes 18 girls aged between 16 and 22.


Project description

The project concerns the construction of a tower and a water cistern. A few years ago, because water was scarce and did not arrive regularly from the municipality, a well was built and a water tower was built with iron rods. It was a temporary building with the available funds at that time.

The tower that supports the 3,18-liter water tank is starting to be unsafe and the iron rods as these are hanging towards the Foyer's house which means we need to intervene as soon as possible before further damages. The most suitable and solid structure over time is to build a concrete one, to which a cistern with a larger capacity can be installed (the current iron rods do not allow this) in order to ensure better daily water management for the 18 girls.

Another necessity concerns the purchase of a refrigerator. During Chad's hot season it is always a problem to preserve food without a solar panel refrigerator.





  • Ensure clean water for girls, greater hygiene and consequently better health
  • Improving food preservation for girls by reducing the risk of disease



Direct: 18 girls aged 16 to 22




Referent sisters of the project: Sr. Maria Teresa Traina and Sr Benjamine Kimala

Project's costs

Fondamenta torre idrica
€ 140.00
Cemento armato per torre idrica
€ 3,102.00
Serbatoio da 8 metri cubi
€ 369.00
Rivestimento impermeabile
€ 135.00
€ 231.00
Scala in metallo
€ 231.00
Frigorifero solare
€ 1,123.00
6 batterie 150 AH
€ 1,154.00
Cavi, terminale della batteria, adattatore, canalina di scolo, interruttore
€ 368.00
Trasporto materiale frigo
€ 77.00
Manodopera e installazione frigo
€ 208.00
€ 7,138.00