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12 months
4383 € / 2313 €

Project Location

Mozambique is a country chosen by many people who, for various reasons, are forced to leave their country of origin. Mozambique's preference is due to the fact that refugees find in the country a climate of hospitality, characteristic of the Mozambican people.

The project is aimed at a group of about 8,000 people who are refugees in the refugee camp of Maratane, a rural area 25 K. from the city of Nampula. Most come from the following countries: Democratic Republic of Congo, Burundi and Rwanda.

Project description

Conditions in the Maratane refugee camp are increasingly precarious. All this is due, on the one hand, to the global immigration situation and, on the other, to the decrease in international aid. Returning home, for most refugees, is impossible due to the continuous presence of armed clashes and conflicts.

The Comboni presence in the camp began in 2003 in collaboration with the Scalabrinian Fathers. In the camp we have a multipurpose salon, it works as a Portuguese school for young people and adults, it serves for training meetings, training of leaders, and meetings of various kinds.

On the edge of the field and even inside, there are also Mozambicans, most of them farmers, and the signs of poverty are also evident in them. There is a good collaboration between the refugees and the locals, they attend the same school, the same hospital and sell, both, various products.

What is lacking is the regular distribution of food, and the quality has also decreased, as the PMA (World Food Program) also helps the refugees of Cabo Delgado, present in various camps in Mozambique. The project aims to support people in the camp through the purchase of food, medicines and school supplies, support for small family support projects and help with documents.

The project coordinator regularly visits the refugee camp and carries out an important work of assistance and mediation in this difficult context, paying particular attention to women and the promotion of the values of life and solidarity.


  • Improve the food, sanitation and socio-educational conditions of refugees in the Maratane camp









Direct: the most needy families in the camp

Indirect: about 8,000 refugees from the camp        





Referent sister for the project: Sr. Carmelina Telesca

Project's costs

School supplies
€ 333.00
Student house rental
€ 500.00
€ 667.00
Public transport
€ 333.00
Doctor and Drugs
€ 250.00
Support for small family livelihood projects
€ 833.00
Documents and telephone
€ 167.00
Referent remuneration
€ 1,300.00
€ 4,383.00